A day-by-day account of the activities of the Rossnaree Archaeological Project 2010-11

Day 3 – Getting the hang of it

A little taste of Egypt on the Boyne.

The gang arrived again bright and early on site for another day’s digging, not having been deterred by the torrential shower of rain the previous day nor by the pretty poor weather forecast for today. We optimistically erected a gazebo to act as our on-site shelter as the cabin is located some distance from the site itself. It certainly added a certain atmosphere to the site, especially when the sun was shining! Unfortunately, in only a relatively light breeze, the gazebo broke. I still have the receipt and will be returning it to the shop. Luckily, we had no need of shelter, in spite of the weather forecast which was less than promising. However, we have the feeling that before long we will need something to huddle under.

The contents of the sieve.

The crew on site today was slightly smaller than other days but undeterred, we continued in both trenches to dig and sieve. Good progress was made as the weather was with us and there were no delays or stoppages. In Area 1 Cutting 6 we started on squares G9 and I9 and by the end of the day a total of six square metres had been cleared completely giving a cumulative total of 9 square metres altogether. The pace is picking up as the crew find their rhythm.

The long walk home.


In Area 2 Cutting 7 the crew continued to take down squares U12 and T12. They also went back to the squares cleared yesterday to deepen them slightly. We are working down to a level of about 25cm which, although not the base of the ploughsoil, seems to be close. Once all squares are cleared to this depth, we will first of all take samples for lab magnetic susceptibility measurements and then we will trowel over the exposed surface to remove the final skim of ploughsoil. Once this is done in both areas, we should be able to see the intact archaeological features identified in the geophysical surveys.


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